Hello! Nice of you to stop by and read along. This is the first blogpost on this website and here I will tell you more about the upcoming articles and what you can read and see in them.

For a while I have been playing with the idea to start writing articles about things that keep me busy while creating my artwork. My background in arteducation makes me enjoy sharing my passion and see how it can get a fire started in someone elses creative live. My work is so much more than the results of my studio time. There is a huge proces behind te finished piece that I would like to show and share with you and that is why I am starting writing articles here on my blog.

You’ve probably noticed that this website is written in Dutch and in English. I am an artist from the Netherlands but a lot of comunication with other natural dyers and/or textile lovers is in English.
Besides that, I know that there are some interested folowers that do not have a Dutch background. So for all of you I decided to write in Englis too because I’d love it if you could read along aswell.

Solar dye, acorns.

Subjects that I would really love to share with you in the coming articles are everyday experiences in my dyegarde and things about the process of natural dyeing. It is quite the search to get your hands on the (old) knowledge of natural dyeing,  foraging and growing the dyestuffs. Especially when you are as curious as I a mand want to know ALL the details 😉

There are still a lot of people who dye their textile fibres in a natural way. I also get the feeling more and more people are getting interested in the process again. (Good for us!) Natural dyers are amongst the most caring and sharing people I’ve met, but still it can be a struggle to find the usable information you need. I would like to contribute by sharing my own experiences, so you will find some articles on dyegardening and using the dyestuffs on this blog.
Lots of information that I found is written in English so I will join that club. But when you are Dutch and you want to do some research, the possibility pool isn’t that big.. so I want to do some pool reconstruction along the way 😉

Ginkgo Biloba, green stage. Woolfelt and embroidery, 2017

Besides the subjects of growing a dyegarden and the actual dyeing itself I will also be writing about working with wool and subjects that pop up while working on the actual artworks. Where my inspiration comes from, the materials and techniques I work with, answers to often asked questions.. just to drop a few ideas.

I wish you happy reading and I would love to hear from you.

–  Jodie