The natural world is an inspiring and wonderful place to me. It fascinates me to see how something grows, lives and takes shape. In detailed art pieces, made out of wool and embroideryfloss, I try to reveal and show those structures and systems.
The natural aspect works into my main working themes and also into the material I work with. The focus in my entire process is to work in a way that is as natural and pure as it can be. The wool for my felt comes from sheep that are herded by people who care for them with love and respect for nature. The colors (mostly) come from dyeplants I grow myself in my own dyegarden. I use old techniques and crafts to create a more contemporary way of botanical art. Every step of my proces, from raw material to finished piece is a part of this bigger research towards understanding nature, but also to dig up old ways to work with the earth and use it in a more sustainable way than we directed ourselves into nowadays.

I enjoy it to let other people look differently to nature and to guide them onto a new path of botanical illustrations.